Welcome to my resume site
As I close one of the biggest chapters in my life, I have been neck-deep opening the next one for the past 3 years.  I am building a new company in the Fitness Industry, and I’m open to new partners with a similar passion or direct industry experience.  I have direct and extensive experience in everything from the top spot of CEO, to the front line installers and trainers.  In my opinion, you can’t direct others without living in their shoes first; and consequently, I’ve already become immersed in just about every aspect of this new business venture.

The inertia of the “blank page” can be daunting unless you’ve been there before. In areas of strategic planning, branding, market positioning, and most of all development of products and businesses from the ground up. I have a solid track record of success, and potential partners, employees and affiliate firms should feel confident and comfortable that I will deliver the goods when the day is done. 

My work style could be summed up on one word: PASSION.  Why not join me in my next big ride!  Contact me at gene@cyclingfusion.commailto:gene@cyclingfusion.comshapeimage_2_link_0

Like a Good Book That Can Be Read Again and Again

The inventor of BedTracking®, the Electronic Bedboard, and a host of other products has branched out to the business of cycling: Global Ride & Cycling Fusion

Experienced CEO, CTO,  Software Design, Process Consultant, Installation, Training, Speaking, Inspiring and more.